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We buy in bulk, negociate hard and keep
a keen eye on the competition to ensure
our customers always benefit from the
best price

What We Do

We believe the key to keeping our cutomers and to making new ones is to focus what we do on making sure we give them what they need. To provide this promise we concentrate on three key factors, BEST PRICE, TOP BRANDS & GREAT SERVICE.

We know that price isn’t the only factor when choosing your supplier but at the same time we appreciate your need for competitive pricing. We constantly work alongside our suppliers to drive down our own buying costs and then pass these savings directly to you our customer through low prices and regular promotions. At the same time we check our own pricing alongside our competitors to ensure our customers get the BEST PRICE first time.

As a team we believe in the ethos buy once, buy right. Whether buying materials, accessories, screws or tools buying the right quality can save time and ultimately money. With this in mind, we only stock quality products from the TOP BRANDS including Reisser, Stanley, Estwing, Marshalltown, Festool, Dewalt, Bosch, Refina and many more. For more information on the different products and brands that we stock pleas see Our Products page.

GREAT SERVICE is the factor we concentrate on the most, we understand the service we provide reflects directly on you and your customer. When choosing us as a supplier we aim to provide you with a friendly, accurate and fast service from price enquiry to purchase. Our knowledgeable team will work with you and advise to ensure the product or material you choose is the best one for the job. After you’ve made your purchase, if there are any problems we work directly with suppliers on your behalf to get them resolved.


Ensure our customers get the best price first time

Constantly review ranges to meet demanding customer needs

Keep up to date with new products & innovations

Free, local delivery service

Regular promotional activity and Trade Days


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